Myotonic dystrophy Steinert disease



It is my pleasure to present to you the first bilingual (English/French) site entirely dedicated to Myotonic Dystrophy (Steinert Disease).

After working on this disease for over 20 years, I have decided to develop a website in order to:

The goal of this website is to encourage greater interaction and exchanges between people living with the disease, their families, doctors, scientists and volunteer workers. By working together, I believe that we can contribute to better care for patients and help in the daily fight against isolation and exclusion to promote a better quality of life.

Dr Jack Puymirat.



January, 2017

Ionis Pharmaceuticals recently completed a Phase

1/2 clinical trial to evaluate IONIS-DMPK-2.5Rx in

myotonic dystrophy patients.


Partenaires Fonds de la recherche en santé Québec RMGA AFM